Friday, May 29, 2009

Ghost Mall Update.

I needed to write something so I decided on this.

We finally had practice today. It went pretty well. My throat is a little sore but that's all part of it. We rerecorded the vox on "40 Nugs" and "Young Liars." We also came to the stunning realization that, while we did name our song after the comic book Young Liars, it is very possible that David Lapham named his comic book after the TV on the Radio song. So it has come full circle. aybe I'll change the name to "Danny & Sadie" or "Getting Your Junk Cut Off By A Midget Sucks."

We have our first summer show booked! It's at Retox with Apeshit! They're a hardcore band. I really want to play with Cerebral Ballzy. They are a great hardcore band. We also are probably playing with Japanther on July 4th. It's becoming a tradition.

Oh, and we sort of wrote a new song. More on that on June 11th.

This is a super lame post but whatevs.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Local Bands To Love: Pizzza Time

Steven Barry, the drummer of my old band Hidden Power, is an extremely talented individual. This is his secretive little new project, Pizzza Time. It has the same name as a Ducktails song and I guess that's fitting because it does sound a bit like Ducktails. But on "Hope You'll Be Home" he isn't afraid to be on the much noisier end of the spectrum of this kind of tropical psychedelia. It's melded with a Black Moth Super Rainbow kind of sound too. It leaves me a little speechless. I like it because it is good. And I think I might be in the background of "Let's Just Be Friends."

Pizzza Time - "Hope You'll Be Home"
Pizzza Time - "Let's Just Be Friends"

Unsubstantiated Ramblings: May 21st, 2009

A few things to address in this edition concerning last night's St. Vincent show.

- St. Vincent was fantastic. Never change.

- Pattern Is Movement, don't play any songs without your drummer. He was my favorite part of your set besides that killer cover you did and your beards.

- When you go to a show, don't sit on the floor while you're waiting. It is very rude. Especially when you get up and then come back to find people standing where you were once sitting so you just plop yourself down on their feet. I'm looking at you guy who was actually a girl. But seriously, don't go to the show early if you're not prepared to stand for a while before a band comes on. GO SOMEWHERE WITH CHAIRS! Webster Hall has no chairs on the main floor for a REASON! This isn't a picnic. This is indie rock. Kay Booboo?

- Clapping guy. Give it up. You shouldn't clap along to every song. I will give you credit for clapping in time on every song and being a little creative but dude, once it gets so quiet that your claps are drowning out the singing, you should just stop.

- If you're going to stand against the barrier, I would hope that it's because you are a huge, huge fan of whatever band is playing. So you should probably be up there singing along, watching the band and making them feel good about their career choice. You should not be fucking around with your camera settings. You are not in the photo pit. Let the people getting paid to take the pictures, take the pictures. Your job is to watch the show and not have your camera tell you what the rule of thirds is. You want something to remember the show by? Then actually watch it! And buy a t-shirt.

- Webster Hall, turn the bass down. What's your deal? The bass is always really high at every show I go to inside of you. Chill out.

- Move over Jenny Lewis. I have a new indie rock crush. Annie Clark you have my heart. Seriously, nothing more attractive than a girl shredding on guitar.

That is all. Most of this has been a gross exaggeration.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Unsubstantiated Ramblings: May 18th, 2009

-Sunshower Orphans have rereleased their first EP, Thing We're Supposed To Forget, as a free download. You can get it HERE. It's a bit different from their more recent output but still pretty solid stuff.

-The new Sonic Youth album, The Eternal, is pretty good. It took me a while to get to it but I'm glad I did.

-I saw The Soloist last night. I was told it was awful. I thought it was okay. I wasn't feeling all the long classical music over birds flying or random colors scenes though.

-I saw Japanther on Saturday. They played for an hour and a half. I'm pretty sure I heard "Not A War" about three times. But I did get to hear a bunch of songs for the first time and THEY COVERED MY FAVORITE RAMONES SONG!

Local Bands To Love: The Touch Yourselves

I saw the Touch Yourselves last week in a kitchen in New Paltz. Their set was illuminated by an open microwave and camera flashes. Maniac drumming, catchy guitar hooks and Johnny Cash covers make them a lot like a Lightning Bolt with discernible lyrics. It is easy to see the Zach Hill/Brian Chippendale influence on drummer Devin Brown but it's nice to see that put together with something less abrasive than huge walls of noise. Devin's brother Chris can shred. 'Nuff said.

The Touch Yourselves - "We Are The Bees"
The Touch Yourselves - "(Burning) Ring of Fire"

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Local Bands To Love: Sunshower Orphans

In the interest of full disclosure, Sunshower Orphans are my friends. Mike and I were in an awful band in high school that he was smart enough to get out of. Then at some point after the demise of the first incarnation of the Sunshower Orphans, he decided to quit music forever and sold all of his equipment which was a damn shame because they were responsible for one of my favorite songs of all time, "Polly Ana."

Anyway, Sunshower Orphans is back in all their 90s slacker, shoegaze-y glory (although still rounding out the live lineup) and Holiday Records is releasing a FREE digital single featuring two fantastic tracks, "Lies in Sepia" and "Manic Flaneur." Two masterpiece pop songs. Seriously. Just as good if not better than the EP they released last year.

Sunshower Orphans and Holiday Records. Doing good things.


Sunshower Orphans - Lies in Sepia Digital Single
Sunshower Orphans - "Polly Ana"

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Local Bands To Love: Sharks Roar

Keys to making me like a band:
1. Write good songs.
2. Don't sing. Yell.
3. Lots of electric guitar.

Sharks Roar fulfills all three. They are a punk power trio in the vein of Jawbreaker with a little Modest Mouse thrown in for good measure. They only have a bunch of demos on their MySpace right now but honestly the quality of the songs FAR exceeds the quality of the recordings. The lyrics of "Yellow Piracy" ooze with the bark of a bittersweet lover: "I'd be happiest taking everything down with the ship. I'd be happiest taking everything down." and the music is loud and fast. My favorite is "Books" but that's just because I think that "Write a book about it!" is a great refrain. They should have their album finished and out sometime this summer. Stop listening to me. Start listening to them.

Sharks Roar - "Books (Demo)"
Sharks Roar - "Yellow Piracy (Demo)"

Friday, May 1, 2009

Alien Lanes

We finished our own lives. Now we finished off the wine. Now we're used to staying up all night. Two hearts beating OH YEAH! OH YEAH! Japandroid's "Young Hearts Spark Fire"

It's almost raining today.

My little brother's school was the one that had the Swine Flu outbreak. I think the whole Swine Flu thing is a bit silly. Diseases are dangerous but this one is dangerous to Mexico and babies only. If you start feeling sick, go to the doctor. This super flu is treatable. Everyone stop freaking out.

The semester is winding down. Ghost Mall has been going pretty well. We have our seventh show tomorrow. We still have only 4 songs but hopefully that'll change soon. I guess 7 shows isn't that big a deal either but considering Hidden Power had only 8 in 6 months, 7 in 1 is pretty good. The plan is to write a few more, record them and shop them around to a couple of labels. Maybe put out a 7"

Oh check out this band, Sharks Roar. Killer dudes. Killer tunes. Like a more melodic, less abrasive Jawbreaker.

My external hard drive decided to delete all of my Pavement. Bummer.

Summer is almost upon us. So time to break out the summer records. Here's a list of favorite summer records of mine.

Desaparecidos - "Read Music/ Speak Spanish"
Japandroids - "Post-Nothing"
Guided By Voices - "Alien Lanes"
Japanther - "Skuffed Up My Huffy"
Pavement - "Slanted and Enchanted"
UGK - Any and everything.

That's the short list. I'm really digging that Japandroids record and Guided By Voices lately.

Just about time for band practice. Playing with Terror Pigeon tomorrow!

What are you doing?