Thursday, May 29, 2008

Tired. It's True.

Why are the Sex Pistols embarking on a world tour? Isn't the beauty of punk rock the fact that the songs were short, the ideas were direct and the era was so short-lived? Can Johnny Rotten really sing "Anarchy in the UK" with the same passion and fervor that he did 30 years ago?

I guess that while many idealists strive to adhere to their "Fuck the Man" belief systems, everything just becomes part of that capitalist machine and despite the cries of taking down the system from the inside, no one actually does it. It's not possible. Soon enough almost everything becomes acceptable because the powers that be subscribe to the "If you can't beat'em, join'em" way of dealing with their problems. It seems as soon as something is hard to completely quell, it just becomes bastardized and marketable.

There is no urgency in anything today.

I'm not any better. I'll rattle on about Pavement or make mention of Sonic Youth. But I've only been listening to Sonic Youth for about 6 months and they just put out an album with Starbucks plus I'd probably much rather tell you about the genius songwriting of Davey Von Bohlen than that of Thurston Moore.

I'd like you to assume a lot of things about me. I like it when you ask if I'm in a band because I'd like to be (or more accurately am in the process of being) in one. I like it when you think I know what I'm talking about because I usually don't. If I have impressed you so much that you believe that last statement to not be true, then get me drunk and ask me anything about rap. I don't know shit. Fuckin' renegade.

Am I naive for maybe only realizing or admitting to most of this now? Maybe. Is my biggest problem right now the fact that I didn't pick up my comic books yesterday? Yes. Did I mention that to maybe put this all in perspective for you? You bet your ass.